VOA Immigration Weekly Recap, Sept. 10–16, 2023


Editor’s note: Here is a look at immigration-related news around the U.S. this week. Questions? Tips? Comments? Email the VOA immigration team: ImmigrationUnit@voanews.com.

Federal Judge Says DACA Is Illegal, So What’s Next?

A federal judge has ruled again that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is illegal. The policy protected from deportation hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants brought to the United States as children. The decision does not immediately affect DACA recipients, whose status remains the same through the legal appeals process. They also can continue to renew their status, as they are required to do every two years. So, what is next? VOA’s immigration reporter Aline Barros has the story.

Florida Authorities Arrest Undocumented Migrant Under State’s New Law

A Mexican citizen taken into custody for allegedly driving without U.S. papers and transporting undocumented people was one of the first people to be arrested under Florida’s controversial SB 1718, considered the most restrictive state law regarding migrants in the United States. Yeny Garcia reports.

52 Documentary: Emma’s Torch

What would you do if you had to find work in a new country, far from home? Emma’s Torch, a New York-based nonprofit, offers refugees and asylum-seekers a chance to train in the culinary arts. Founder Kerrie Brodie, a daughter of Lithuanian immigrants, was inspired to provide those in need with a pathway to independence in America — through the restaurant industry. Meet Mazen and Rosette from Syria, Vanya from Ukraine, Jhack from Senegal and other graduates of the program who are building a future in food.

Immigration around the world

Rohingya Say No Return to Myanmar Without Guaranteed Citizenship

Members of Myanmar’s Muslim Rohingya community living as refugees in Bangladesh are again voicing opposition to efforts to repatriate many of them. They say that the Myanmar government has not met their demands over citizenship rights and that it is not safe for them to go back to Myanmar’s Rakhine state. Shaikh Azizur Rahman reports.

UN Rights Rapporteur ‘Extremely Concerned’ About Forced Repatriation Amid North Korea’s Border Reopening

A U.N. human rights official says that while the reopening of North Korea’s borders is a welcome development as Pyongyang eases its COVID-19 controls, there are also concerns, including the imminent risk of forced repatriation of North Koreans detained in other countries. Reported by VOA’s State Department Bureau Chief Nike Ching.

5 Killed as Rival Factions Clash in Lebanon’s Largest Palestinian Refugee Camp

Clashes intensified Wednesday in Lebanon’s largest Palestinian refugee camp, leaving at least five people dead and more than a dozen wounded, Lebanese state media and security officials said. Scores of civilians have been forced to flee to safer areas. The Associated Press reports.

Malawi Police Recover Ammunition in Containers Confiscated From Refugees

Police in Malawi have recovered ammunition and cash in steel containers searched during the forced relocation of refugees illegally staying outside a refugee camp. Malawi police confiscated the large containers from refugees and asylum-seekers on suspicion they contained rifles, ammunition and counterfeiting machines for criminal activities. Lameck Masina reports for VOA from Blantyre, Malawi.

UN: Hundreds Killed in Ethnic Attacks in Sudan’s West Darfur

Ethnically motivated attacks perpetrated by Sudan’s paramilitary Rapid Support Forces and allied militia have killed hundreds in the West Darfur region, the United Nations human rights chief said on Tuesday. Bloodshed, violence and displacement have escalated since fighting between the Sudanese army and RSF erupted in April, driving the country to the brink of civil war. Reuters reports.

News brief

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released the 2024 Homeland Threat Assessment and reports the agency continues to identify a high risk of foreign and domestic terrorism in 2024.


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