Repatriation Flight from the U.S. to Mauritania

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Nouakchott, November 3, 2023 – In a cooperative effort to enforce immigration laws and discourage irregular migration attempts that pose risks to the safety and well-being of Mauritanians, the United States of America joined forces with the government of Mauritania to repatriate a large number of individuals today who lack legal authorization to remain in the United States. This collaboration underscores the next step in a growing security partnership between the United States and Mauritania, which share national security priorities of adhering to immigration regulations and upholding the rule of law.

Irregular migration to the United States poses serious dangers and may lead to enduring consequences. Recently, thousands of Mauritanians embarked on a perilous journey to the United States, locally known as “Jumping the Wall.” This journey not only impoverishes whole families, but also endangers Mauritanians who face the risks of theft, sexual assault, and kidnapping on the way.  Several Mauritanians have tragically lost their lives during this journey.

The repatriation process is a `humane and lawful method to securely manage U.S. borders and represents a crucial step towards achieving safe and orderly immigration processing for those who follow the law. By arranging repatriation flights, we are sending a clear message to those who do not immigrate lawfully that they risk their lives on the journey and will be promptly repatriated. Mauritania’s partnership to facilitate this effort signifies its commitment to international obligations.

The United States offers various legal avenues for immigration. Professionals can apply for work visas, such as the H1B visa, and individuals from eligible countries, including Mauritania, have the opportunity to participate in the Diversity Visa program, providing a pathway to lawful immigration. These legal avenues offer opportunities for individuals to pursue their American dream while abiding by U.S. immigration laws and preserving their personal safety.

The partnership between Mauritania and the United States remains robust as both nations continue to collaborate and address immigration issues in accordance with their respective laws.

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