Mexican president says to insist U.S. implement migration aid plan-Xinhua


MEXICO CITY, Nov. 13 (Xinhua) — Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Monday he will insist that his U.S. counterpart, Joe Biden, implement an aid plan aimed at reducing migration in Latin America, during the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders’ Meeting in the United States.

In his daily press conference, Lopez Obrador reiterated that when there are jobs, salaries and welfare, people stay in their countries of origin.

“It is a complex issue, especially because there is an economic, social welfare and political crisis in some countries in Central America, Latin America, the Caribbean and the world,” the president told journalists.

“Since I am going to the United States, I am going to discuss the issue with President Biden. I want to continue insisting on the approval of a plan to help the people of Latin America and the Caribbean,” he added.

Lopez Obrador also spoke out against resolving migration issues with coercive measures such as deportations, walls or a militarized border.

The Mexican president will participate in the APEC meeting to be held in San Francisco, California, on Nov. 15-17.


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