Improve legal immigration, too

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The current immigration system is broken and dysfunctional, but the problems go deeper than just people coming across America’s borders en masse, illegally.

In fact, the problem is so severe that President Joe Biden recently changed course and confirmed the need to build a border wall in Texas to combat illegal immigration and that he will use his executive powers to do so.

An illegal alien without a major criminal history, who got caught crossing or turned himself in at the border, will be given a legal social security number and can work any job he/she wants. They can go anywhere in the country and only have to worry about showing up for their court date, which could be years away, according to the Associated Press.

To the contrary, a legal immigrant, who has an H-1 work visa, can only work in the field of study authorized by that particular visa. They also cannot have an extra job to earn additional funds.

I know a fine immigrant from India, who came to America on a student visa, earned his Master’s Degree in Computer Science and then got an H-1 visa in 2017. He has spent a significant amount of money on immigration lawyers since then and is still in the process of trying to obtain a green card. This process will take many more years given the current wait time, and he keeps getting pushed further back in the line as some of those crossing the border illegally and seeking asylum are given preference. He can only work full- or part-time, at a single job in his field, until he gets a green card. Once he obtains his green card, it will take many more years of waiting to gain his citizenship.

So, while I appreciate Ms. McLain’s argument in the Wall Street Journal for expedited green cards for supportive Afghans, we also need to improve the process for green card acquisition and citizenship for highly educated immigrants, who faithfully followed the process too! They shouldn’t be put further back in line to prioritize Afghans, or anyone else, and both Afghans and legal immigrants should get quicker service from our government.

Mike Fuljenz


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