Immigration: US agencies take a step forward towards making immigration easier for AI experts


MUMBAI: The US Department of Labor (DOL) has taken a significant step towards potential expansion of the ‘Schedule A’ list for streamlined green card processing. This expansion aims to encompass STEM-related and other occupations facing shortages of US workers. The DOL has submitted this proposal for federal review, and it is currently undergoing assessment by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as the initial step in the regulatory process.
The current regulations exempt permanent residence cases related to Schedule A occupations from labor market testing and the PERM application process, expediting the path to employment-based permanent residence. Presently, Schedule A primarily covers specific healthcare occupations and individuals with exceptional abilities. Expanding this list to include identified STEM and other scarce occupations would streamline the process for employer-sponsored green cards.
This proposal is a response to a specific directive in the recent Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence (AI), issued on October 30 by President Biden. Among the order’s various immigration-related provisions is one instructing the DOL to issue a request for information (RFI) within 45 days to gather public input in identifying AI, STEM-related, and other occupations lacking a sufficient number of qualified US workers.
Once OMB clearance is granted, the DOL will publish the request for public comment in the Federal Register, along with a submission deadline. The Executive Order on AI mandates the DOL to release the request for public input by December 14. However, final implementation of the revisions could take a few months.


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