Illegal Immigrants Jump From Speeding Car in Kinney County Pursuit, TX, USA


This footage was filmed and produced 5 November 2023. On the 5th of November, a California driver engaged in a dramatic vehicle pursuit with DPS Troopers in Kinney County, Texas, USA. The pursuit took a startling turn when, before coming to a stop, multiple illegal immigrants exited the vehicle and fled into the brush. In a desperate attempt to evade arrest, the driver also tried to escape on foot but was swiftly apprehended. The individual now faces charges of evading arrest and smuggling of persons. The daring incident unfolded as suspects, while speeding, started jumping from the moving vehicle in a bid to outmaneuver the pursuing law enforcement. The pursuit highlights the challenges faced by authorities in tackling human smuggling and underscores the lengths individuals will go to escape apprehension.


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