Field trip to the busiest migrant corridor in the world


In response to the
crisis of increasing migration and lack of protections for children, the CHRC
and its students have engaged in national and international research, direct
services to migrants and advocacy confronting the abrogation of these human
rights abuses. CHRC students and faculty are engaged in critical, and often
life-changing, work.

A problem accentuated
by the pandemic

In the wake of the
Covid-19 pandemic, the U.S. engaged in “push-back” mechanisms under its “Title
42” policy, which uses an archaic public health law to deny migrants access to
asylum proceedings as required under both U.S. and international law. CHRC
students conducted research into the impacts of this policy and found that over
13,000 unaccompanied children were summarily expelled under Title 42. Many of
these children were first secreted away to undisclosed and unlicensed
commercial hotels. The use of secret detention practices placed children in
environments ripe for predatory child abuse. CHRC shared its research via a
report to the U.N., urging the international human rights community to
investigate these issues, and called upon the U.S. to recommit to its
international obligations under the Refugee Convention and Refugee Protocol.

The crisis lived at
the US-Mexican border

Each spring, CHRC organizes a trip for law
students to the busiest migrant corridor in the world, the U.S.-Mexican border,
to partner with legal service organizations who serve migrant children and
families. Loyola students bear witness to the increasing militarization at the
U.S. border, and the indignities prevailed upon migrants by U.S. laws and
policies, including family separation and prolonged detention. Students directly
serve migrants by assisting with “Know Your Rights” presentations, asylum
applications and visa applications for human trafficking victims. Immigrants
who have access to an attorney are ten times more likely to receive protection
in the U.S.


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