Canada’s Bold Move To Stop Student VISA Fraud


Canada is taking significant steps to combat student visa fraud and protect the integrity of its international student admissions process. In response to a high-profile case involving 700 Indian students with fraudulent acceptance letters, the country is implementing a new verification process set to launch on December 1, 2023.

Under this system, Canadian institutions will be required to directly confirm each applicant’s letter of acceptance with the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This enhanced verification process aims to prevent the kind of fraud that affected students earlier in the year. The 700 Indian students had used fake college acceptance letters to obtain Canadian study visas.

Canada’s Immigration Minister, Marc Miller, has emphasized that they do not intend to cap the number of international students coming to the country. Instead, they are focused on ensuring that study permits are only issued based on authentic letters of acceptance. This initiative seeks to safeguard students from falling victim to fraudulent admission schemes.

In the past, following investigations into fraudulent admissions letters, the IRCC worked with the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) to review cases, leading to charges against individuals involved in the fraud. As a result, many affected students were spared deportation.

Canada’s commitment to addressing visa fraud issues is vital as it seeks to maintain its position as a top destination for international students. With a focus on protecting genuine students and aligning with Canada’s economic and immigration goals, these measures aim to ensure the quality and authenticity of the student admissions process. In addition, Canada is working to enhance its Post-Graduation Work Permit program and is conducting a comprehensive review to better align it with its labor market needs and regional immigration priorities.

The new verification process is designed to promote the overall integrity of Canada’s international education system, an industry that significantly contributes to the country’s economy, generating over $22 billion annually and supporting more than 200,000 jobs. By tackling visa fraud and attracting qualified students, Canada aims to bolster its economy and educational sector while maintaining its status as a preferred destination for international students.


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